Total Language Consultants
"Closing the distance between meeting at a time."

Through careful observation and abundant research, Total Language Consultants has a clear understanding of how people learn languages.

Here are a few points which have been distilled from years of helping people learn languages:

1. All of us can learn another language- as long as the teaching method is flexible enough to accomodate different learning styles.

2. Don't memorize information you don't understand. TLC language training emphasizes understanding over everything else when learning or improving a language.

3. Why impose time limits on language learning?  Consider how long it took to learn our first language (which we are still learning!).  TLC will drastically shorten the time it takes to learn a new language.  How?  Take a class now to experience TLC's language training for yourself.

4. Unlike cookie cutter programs that push you through their language classes- regardless if whether you learn or not- you will learn with TLC at a pace which maximizes your ability to assimilate all four basic language skills: reading, writing, listening and most importantly speaking your new language.

Please call TLC at 1-915-996-1240 or e-mail us at to request a consultation in person or online.