Total Language Consultants
"Closing the distance between meeting at a time."


Medical Spanish: Immerse yourself in Medical Spanish, learn dynamically. Achieve fluency through understanding, not memorization. All of TLC's classes are conducted by a City University of New York: Certified Medical Interpreter Trainer and Language Coach and healthcare professional with almost twenty years of classroom and clinical experience.

Spanish: Join us for a cup of coffee or tea and let's talk about life- in Spanish- one topic at a time.  Let's enjoy our time together.  No stress, no worries while you spend time with us here.  Just meeting with friends who share the same goal: to learn Spanish slowly and permanently.

Medical Interpreter Training: Join an elite group of language professionals who help LEP (limited English proficiency) patients communicate effectively with LFLP (limited foreign language profiency) healthcare providers.  All of TLC's classes are taught by a City University of New York: Certified Medical Interpreter Trainer and Language Coach.   

TLC's Medical Interpreter Training is aligned with the standards set forth by the International Medical Interpreters Association- the largest and oldest medical interpreter association in the US.  TLC provides sixty hours of medical interpreter training- 50% more hours than the minimum required number of hours.  TLC' does this in order for the student to learn and practice abundantly the interpreting skills necessary to become a successful interpreter anywhere in the world.

Review for National Medical Interpreter Certification Exams: After learning the basics of medical interpreter training, join TLC for a complete review of the main topics which may be found on national medical interpreter certification exams which are offered by NBCMI and CCHI.  This course is programmed for 60 hours.